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ACROSS ENEMY LINES: Cheese Curds, 12/5: Packers are still a long, long, long shot to make playoffs


Hey Detroit Fanatics

I know lots of Detroit Lions fanatics like to not only keep up with their beloved Lions, but also like to watch what the despised rivals are up to, We decided to periodically check out what’s transpiring across the borders.

Here’s a blog post to keep you filled in on what the other teams in our division are up to

Cheese Curds, 12/5: Packers are still a long, long, long shot to make playoffs

Packers win probability, new practice squad addition, and Jamaal Williams continues to impress.


Those are the odds for the Packers to make the playoffs, according to the Washington Post.

For those who are honest citizens, those odds are not great. It’s a long shot, as we know, and the Packers will essentially have to win out. They have pending matchups at Cleveland, at Carolina, home against Minnesota, and at Detroit. With 3 of the final 4 on the road, Packers fans are really holding onto hope that the messiah, Aaron Rodgers, will fully heal in time for Carolina.

Their win probability for the final four match ups are as follows: 84% chance to win against the Browns, 30% against the Panthers, 26% against the Vikings, and 40% against the Lions.

It’s easy to look forward towards the Carolina game because that’s the potential window in which Aaron Rodgers comes back, but the Packers have to b ” >”>

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