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ACROSS ENEMY LINES: The Bears Off-Season Checklist


Hi Lions Faithful

Since a lot of Lions fanatics like to not only keep up with their hometown Lions, but also like to watch what the despised enemies are doing, We decided to periodically check out what’s going on in the enemy base.

Here’s a post to keep you filled in on what the other teams in our division are up to

The Bears Off-Season Checklist

The Bears are at a crossroads. What does Ryan Pace need to do to get this team down the right path?

As the 2017 Bears season—and John Fox era—mercifully comes to an end, I have started to turn my attention towards the off-season. It is this writer’s opinion that the Bears franchise has come to a crossroads. The amount of important, high-level decisions forthcoming is unprecedented in my years following the team.

This is a make-or-break off-season in every conceivable way. It certainly appears that John Fox will no longer be the Bears’ head coach come January 1st and Ryan Pace will be allowed to hire his replacement. This hire is the most important aspect of the off-season for me. Not only do the Bears need to pair the right head coach with Mitch Trubisky, but the head coaching hire will set the tone for what should be an action-packed off-season.

Ryan Pace made his first bold move last off-season by trading-up to draft Trubisky. This next move is essentially doubling-down on the Trubisky selection. It was said at the time that Pace’s future would be tied to the success of Trubisky. Well, this is Pace’s opportunity to improve his chances for success but he needs to get the head coa ” >”>

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