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ACROSS ENEMY LINES: Which Packers player would you protect against an Expansion Draft?


Hey Detroit Fanatics

It seems that most Lions faithful want to not only keep up with their hometown Lions, but also want to keep track of what the despised division enemies are up to, We decided to occasionally check out what’s happening across the borders.

Here’s a post to keep you filled in on what the other teams in our division are up to

Which Packers player would you protect against an Expansion Draft?

Say you can only protect one player (besides Aaron Rodgers). Who’s it going to be?

Earlier this week, the National Hockey League held its expansion draft for the league’s new franchise, the Vegas Golden Knights. The new Vegas franchise was the first expansion team in the NHL since the Columbus Blue Jackets and Minnesota Wild entered the league in 2000.

The rules of the draft required the Golden Knights to pick one player from each of the other 30 teams’ rosters. The players available for selection are any players who have more than two years of NHL experience, while teams were allowed to protect a certain number of eligible players from selection.

The NFL has not had an expansion draft since 2002, when the Houston Texans became the 32nd franchise in the league. However, it’s an interesting exercise to imagine which player or players would be the most critical ones to protect for an NFL team in a theoretical expansion draft.

SB Nation’s NFL writers imagined just this scenario this week, assuming the following rules: starting quarterbacks are automatically exempt, as are players entering their first or second years in the NFL. In other words, ” >”>

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