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i am sorry about my 5-11 post FEATURED POST


I like writing on my opinion about the Detroit Lions on this website, but since I frequent so many other Detroit Lions sites, at times it just makes more sense to link to what another blogger is thinking about the Detroit Lions. Even though,Although I hope you come to this site often for your Detroit football news and info, I still appreciate all of the other awesome site owners on the web, and I want to share what some of them have to say as well.

Here is an article that I thought you might want to read:

i am sorry about my 5-11 post

from last may

i misread your team the only lions game i watch in full most years is your Thanksgiving day game your Off is more can run/and pass esp this season u match up well aga minn chi and gb

i now think if u win out in your div a NFC North div is possable Stafford is throwing less int and u have 2 plug and play rb 3 WR u are just ok at TE i like your DT and LB’S how fast they are and prater has made some big kicks

anyway i shouild have done more research about why i felt what i feit

i would had done this in OCT but my dad had a Heartattick 3 w ” >”>

…[click the link below to read the rest of the article]

The rest of the article can be found here:
Pride Of Detroit: FanPosts

GO Lions!

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