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PODcast answers every question about Patricia’s beard and the playoffs (FEATURED POST)

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PODcast answers every question about Patricia’s beard and the playoffs

Ignoring Wednesday’s rumors in favor of recording on Tuesday.

Sometimes in the offseason things happen.

PODcast keeps happening, and PODcast has this wonderful effect to try to date itself. So when we try to talk about Matt Patricia, there’s a nagging feeling in the back of your head that some news is about to drop and mess this whole thing up.

Whatever. News schmews. That don’t befront us around here.

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This week on the PODcast

  • The power of the podcast means that we recorded yesterday to talk about one rumor and ignore another when ” >”>

    …[click the link below to read the rest of the article]

The rest of the article can be found here:
Pride Of Detroit – All Posts

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